Hello there,

We hope everything is ok. Of course, you can change your brokoli, but first, we would like to briefly introduce ourselves to you.

We have taken the dietitian service to a whole new level with Fit Brokoli. All of our brokoli have been carefully collected from dietitians who graduated from the best universities in order to provide a dietitian service that takes care of you, understands your personal needs and gives you advice accordingly 😊 Every day, their communications with you are reviewed by a supervisor and their compliance with Fit Brokoli standards is assured. We also use the advantage of being the most comprehensive and most user-friendly dietitian service in Turkey, and we add each of our learnings to our collective memory. Therefore, we want you to know that you are always in good hands. If you have a topic on your mind, you can always write it directly to your brokoli. But if you still want us to change your brokoli, Fit Brokoli dietitian service will always make sure you can easily do that.